Progressive Web Apps.

The Future of Mobile Content Delivery.

Developed with Angular 6.0, Progressive Web Apps, or PWA, is a new way to hone the user experience you deliver on the Web. Multi-platform, they offer features that were previously reserved for native apps. It all starts with a domain name.


Super Simple Pricing

Plans For Every Budget
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PWA Silver

$20.00 Per month

$-1.00 Quarterly

$-1.00 Semiannually

$240.00 Per year

  • 1 Progressive Web App
    for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Connect your own domain name
  • SSL security included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100GB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Upgrade Anytime

PWA Gold

$30.00 Per month

$-1.00 Quarterly

$-1.00 Semiannually

$360.00 Per year

  • 1 Progressive Web App
    for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Connect your own domain name
  • SSL security included
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 200GB of storage
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Push notifications
  • Advanced add-ons
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Android Silver

Android Gold

Apple Platinum

Content managers
Access levels
Content management
External connectors
Type of content ALL ALL ALL
User generated content
Push notifications 500,000 2,000,000 2,000,000
Scheduled push notifications
Log in -
Restricted access -
User groups -
Chat -
User list -
Export/Import Users -
Loyalty card - $15/month $15/month
Club card - $8/month $8/month
Couponing - $10/month $10/month
Traffic stats
Technical stats
Ad Networks
Built-in ad server


Try us for 30 days absolutely risk-free! All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to earn your business! If by any means you decide to cancel your account over the next 30 days, you'll receive an instant refund, no questions asked.

Super Simple Hosting solutions for your business!



To create a project, simply choose the plan that's right for you. We have a solution for almost every budget.
1 subscription = 1 project
Depending on the subscription you've chosen, you may be able to publish your project on several platforms (web, iOS, Android). 
Super Simple Media's mobile app builder is an online service which allows you to create your app, publish content regularly and maintain your app as you see fit. Our platform allows your to  interact with your mobile app users in real-time. This technology is hosted on our servers and is enriched with new features daily. You benefit from these innovations automatically, as long as you have a subscription.
Of course! You may switch subscriptions as your needs require. You can  upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time via the Super Simple Media client portal. You also have the option to modify the billing cycle as well (monthly or yearly). 
To submit applications to the App Store and Google Play, you'll have to register as a developer directly through Apple ($99/year or $299/year for the Apple Developer Enterprise Program) and Google ($25/lifetime). Super Simple Media charges a review fee for each iOS submission to the App Store ($350 for the initial submission + 3 updates).
We accept payment Visa, MasterCard, American Express or via PayPal. 
When and if you cancel your subscription to , your app will no longer function. To reactivate it, you simply need to resubscribe. As long as you have a history of at least 1 month paid subscription, your project will be stored for the duration of one year, beyond which it will be permanently deleted.
If you have a Gold or Platinum subscription you are allowed to purchase extra push notifications at the cost of $0.10 per 1000 push. Remember that messages sent with Beacons or Geofencing do not fall under the quota of push notifications, only the manual and automatic push do. The extra push notifications that you purchase can be carried over from one month to the next until you use them up.
The iOS version of your application is built and published by us, under your own developer account. In order to make sure your project complies with the App Store guidelines, our team will carry out a thorough assessment of it before getting started with the submission process. This step, which is mandatory before any submission to the App Store, implies manual, human intervention, and is therefore billed at $350 for 4 submissions (initial submission + 3 updates). We are committed to completing this assessment process within 72 business hours.
DIY stands for "Do It Yourself". But at Super Simple Media, that does not mean do it by yourself. We're always here to assist you should you require assistance.
JDFM means "Just Do It For Me".  We'll take care of al of the heavy lifting while all you have to do is supervise, review and approve.
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